Address S-7HK4-SAV7-LDGW-28SYK
ID 647118402662612514
Name Public Wallet
Description Public Wallet is for people who would normally not use our services due to security concerns. This will be linked to a google sheets ledger system as double verification with picture attached to client data.
Total Balance 99.79265 SIGNA
($0.14 @ $0.0014 per SIGNA)
Free Balance 99.79265 SIGNA
($0.14 @ $0.0014 per SIGNA)
Locked Balance 0.0 SIGNA
($0.00 @ $0.0014 per SIGNA)
Public Key 6809C95055E8E58D05FF272CE71E891E69FED4C43B636AB254E3A2B396CAA90C
at block 839006
Creation Block 839004