Ticker Burst4All
Description As Burst penetrates global markets we aim to be there with BURST4ALL a Burst Asset designed to finance the future of Burst Mining. As new farms spring up and as new platforms are invented BURST4ALL will be there with a low fee pool with client support in chat along with dedicated mining power in pool and without a deadline filter so even miners with less than a terabyte can earn block share. BURST4ALL will be affordable and pay relatively high dividends to share holders based on dedicated mining revenue and pool fee.
Circulating Quantity 1,000,000.0
Decimals 1
Mintable False
Issuer S-GKHD-SQV2-4GJ9-FUA79
Burst4All Asset
Current Owner S-GKHD-SQV2-4GJ9-FUA79
Burst4All Asset
Block 297742