Ticker Fund2015
Description An ultimate diversification fund. Looking to invest in something as a whole, rather than individually? Based on retirement account funds (Target Funds). Shares are conglomerated into 90% of total fund success. 10% is accountable for fees in congruence with fund management. Dividends will be paid on amount of shares owned Life Cycle Fund allocation: 10%= crypto-currency exchange (buying and selling of currencies on market) 20%= investments in trustworthy public loan offerings (BTClend, BTCJam, Bitbond,.etc) 40%= Profitable Cloud Mining Contracts (GAW,, Bitcoin Cloud Services, Scrypt.CC,.etc) 40%= Other Business funding (Mining Sweden,, BTC-I24, Bitfromtheblock, SAE Smart Contracts) ****Allocations are subject to change based on profitable results and new developments
Circulating Quantity 100,000.00
Decimals 2
Mintable False
Aaron Lentz
Block 72849