Transaction ID
Height 1233461
34882 Block Confirmations
Type Distribute to Holders for Token 420
Timestamp 3 months ago (2024-01-14 14:08:48 UTC)
Part Time Miner
To Distribute to Holders
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Value 3.0 SIGNA ($0.0036)
Fee 0.333 SIGNA ($0.0004)
Version 2
Deadline 20
Block Timestamp 3 months ago (2024-01-14 14:09:47 UTC)
EC Block ID 14698641016338853532
EC Block Height 1233450
Has message no
Has encrypted message no
Has Public Key Announcement no
Has Encrypttoself Message no
Sender Public Key A95F35110D5643B0C19D5E262ABFD2739EB26E31A1F2E492A86471003AE5EC60
Signature AA74BA48F89456164BEA51C502E6FF5869F681CCC91DD655E491FE23F572E70A543A1A68C1288104FCA395DC23E5CE9B6D8B796F14DF226E46E4240441CFB944
Full Hash C818A2A0A1D120E2C53977C51B5D6112C85AECF82584479B74247093586A7665
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