Transaction ID
Height 1286755
12826 Block Confirmations
Type Distribute to Holders for Token TRT
Timestamp 1 month ago (2024-06-10 16:56:58 UTC)
From S-6H2J-Q9P3-QZU3-A2WCC
To Distribute to Holders
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Value 1,000.0 SIGNA ($1.1169)
Fee 0.516 SIGNA ($0.0006)
Version 2
Deadline 20
Block Timestamp 1 month ago (2024-06-10 17:00:52 UTC)
EC Block ID 13802938286077786189
EC Block Height 1286743
Has message no
Has encrypted message no
Has Public Key Announcement no
Has Encrypttoself Message no
Sender Public Key 52B5F4139CA8FFC0F7E24F1E3DC94DF7B7D6E7664C2D484B72CF62E8F18A7F23
Signature 1E174AEFC58FFFBA045103B7CBA01B12A586A9949B697E1713395CDE292B1A04B9A4C51ED29268EDA0E444EEF46987C26EF789F924E350B511D3D858B515C7F5
Full Hash E2903EABB18CF12F2251E244DC6F1963C5CF7240B3E556638B28AB6DDFCABA9A
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